Geoff Butler- Cover Illustrator


Geoff Butler is a visual artist and writer.

He generally works in series to better explore ‘the human condition’ and often uses humour, particularly satire, as part of his artistic arsenal.

His Art of War series of paintings in the 1980s dealt with war and militarism, and in the 1990s his Angel looks series was about spirituality.

He wrote and published books on both series, Art of War: Painting it out of the picture  (1990 ) and The Look of Angels: Angels in Art  (2004).

His third series was called Canuckiana in which the surface imagery referred to things Canadian, and this naturally evolved into his next series, Global Village, in which he depicts, in painterly terms, our increasing awareness of our place in the cosmos. In 2013 he published Our Own Little World in paintings and verse. This book was a compilation of both of these series, with accompanying text.

His paintings are in many private and public collections, including Acadia University, Annapolis Heritage Society, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Art Bank, Canada Council Art Bank, University College of Cape Breton, University of New Brunswick Art Centre, and the Toronto Public Library, Osborne Collection.

He has written and illustrated children’s books: The Killick: A Newfoundland Story (1995) and The Hangashore (1998), and a book for adult children, With Every Breath We Take: a modern fable in which a snowflake helps put an end to war ( 2007). He illustrated Ode to Newfoundland ( lyrics by Sir Cavendish Boyle and music by Sir C. Hubert H. Parry (2003)

Geoff was born on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and now lives and works in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia. He was an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

Liam McDonald- Character Design and Illustrator

In the mountains near Wolfville Nova Scotia, Liam McDonald was raised in the wild by the animals who also taught him the art of drawing. Taking to it at a very young age, his pages soon filled with robots, space pugs and other subjects which surrounded him in his daily life. 

Liam Profile Pic

Since then, Liam has obtained a degree in Digital Animation at the Nova Scotia Community College in Truro N.S as well as a Bachelor of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax in order to share his woodland gifts with elementary school children. 

He has since done work in logo design, album covers and comics and is very excited to now be working in the area of children's book art on the Little Dove project. 

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