The Daltons

The Dalton Family was the first group of settlers to come to the Valley after the second fall. Since they tell very little to outsiders, their origin is hard to trace. Three places are suspected as having being their original home. One suggestion (that has been repeatedly rejected) is that they were originally from the Valley prior to the First Fall and even the First Blasts. Had they been present in the Valley during the First Blasts, it is more than likely they would have suffered the same fate as most of the population of that time.


Concept Sketch

The Dalton family lives separate from any community in unique homes constructed of wood in a slight pyramid design. These houses rest in a stone concave foundation so that in the case of flood, the home will rise and float. Their traditional family songs are dominated by percussion with little room for lyrics. It has given them the nickname of drummers or drum beaters.

One thing no one of the Valley disputes is that the Daltons are experts in raising curs. They breed and train unique species of canine with complete obidience to their future owners. As an outsider, the approval process for accuiring a Dalton dog may take years with the possibility of rejection in the final hours before an animal is given to a potential owner.

Kinship relations within the family are complex and sometimes difficult to follow. Depending on the time of year, almost anyone could be in charge of a household. It has been observed that younger members of the family have overruled patriarchs and matriarchs based on intelligence and problem solving. This internal struggle for control seems to be a driving force for positive cohesion in the group.

Of all the decendents in the family, Pedin Dalton was noted as being the smallest. He was shy and sometimes cowardly. When he was young, he stole his sisters dog and trained her only to obey him. Anna was a unique breed on the homestead and a handful for Pedin as she obeyed no one, especially him.

Pedin became a reluctant friend of Gala’s after her arrival in Margoton and scuffle with Meribelle Kahn.

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