From the high slopes in the Emerald forest, Gala is a legend in the towns and communities of the Valley. Most find it hard to believe but she was born up there to wolf and deer. Her parents abandoned her and she lived amongst the wild things with only the Sun and Moon to guide her. When she got older, a Tarigian by the name of Clyde found her wondering in the forests. He took her to Margoton, originally thinking she was lost. After not finding her parents he decided to raise her as his own.

Gala lived with Clyde for all her childhood. It wasn’t until the Long Drought did she leave ad join the Blue Guard in her late teens. Many years and ideology kept her and Clyde apart. The warming brought change to the Valley environmentally and socially. It was one of the most difficult times besides the firestorms years later.

Gala was a tough girl, who did not like to hear the opinions of others. She was spoiled unintentionally by Clyde as he had no other children. The transition from nature to civilization was a long hard road filled with bullies, trials, and tribulations. Gala never fully let go of her forest life which became a strength and weakness. There are claims special powers were given to her by acient magic, including long life.

When she was older, she became a prominiet figure during the Drought Expansion and the exploration of the Westru Desert Region. She was also the first person to make contact with the Lunar and Martian colonies.

You can find out more information at the Museum of Gala in Eastru Margoton.

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