Clyde Ashborne Tarigian


Clyde Ashborne Tarigian was born in the port town of Anna Polis. He ventured beyond the confines of the Ice Mountains and to the Solou regions, but has never talked about any of his experiences there. In his 30s he married, however, his wife died before they had any children. Clyde has spent his life immersed in books and skill. He is an expert woodworker, knows every road, trail, and brook in the Valley, and is very able with a bow.


Concept Sketch

Clyde found Gala in the forest and brought her to Margoton, thinking she might have been abandoned there. At first he thought he might reunite her with her family. After days of searching, he discovers she has no relatives there. Time passes and he cannot find a soul in the Valley related to her. After years, he finally admits to himself where she came from.

Clyde was a fairly quiet man and did not enjoy sharing his feelings. That did not mean he was without emotion. The reality was quite opposite, he rather choose not to share them.

While he was not prone to anger, when he was angry it was best to stay out of his way. The only person not afriad of him was Gala, who never listened and was always willing to egg him on.

Clyde opposed the formation of the Blue Guards and did not believe the Westru Desert Region was worth exploring. He was credited with starting the Hawlking Consortium that explored ways to develop technologies without altering the natural world.

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