About the Valley

Over the past 10 000 years people from various backgrounds have inhabited the valley.  Its named has changed as different cultures asserted their control over the area.

The earliest known inhabitants were semi-nomadic domestic scale culture groups that did not use metalurgy. They were able to utilize nature more so than modern inhabitants! Much later, groups sailed from across the Atlas Ocean to colonizes the valley and seek wider lands beyond. Despite a brief run of slavery and conflict, the settlers from across the sea formed one of the largest countries prior to the First Fall. 

Many of the towns those first sailors founded are still around today; like Margoton, Middtown, Anna Polis, and Edithshire!

Though there had been small skirmishes, no full-out war came to the valley until the Second Fall when all the known world plunged into darkness. Luckily, Margoton and other towns along the river were able to rebuild and prosper.

It has been over a thousand years since peace and balance was restored to the Valley of the Blue Serpent. Many things have come and gone, yet the friendly folk, comfortable atmosphere, and exciting attractions still remain!

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